Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup

The book


 As a result of study and observation of more than a million people through the discipline or the science known as “Face Reading”, the author presents in this book a series of reflections, exercises and tools to achieve true and definitive beauty.  

You have in your hands a positive book: an invitation to create your own beauty in a very natural way, as a result of an interior, emotional and mental process that will be totally reflected at the physical level; on your face and body. In these lines you will also find provocation to reflection about the personal circumstances and tendencies, which for one or another reason dispossess you from your physical beauty.   

“Beauty without Makeup” is a book without corners and nooks; it goes directly to your emotions and attitude. After reading it you will see that you have no excuses to stop believing in yourself and only in the right path of life: This is the only tool to achieve the eternal beauty that humankind possesses.