Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup

About Vishal Krishna Sharma


Since the age of 16 I was fascinated that how much can be known by the face of a person. I was also surprised and fascinated that in the course of the life and different personal circumstances, the face of the person changes so dramatically that it seems like he/she has completely become a different person.         


I was curious to know the factors that are responsible in creating and destroying the face. It took me a while to understand all the secrets of the face that are responsible to create and destroy it and to make it beautiful or ugly.       


After about 29 years of experience in face reading I got the answer of my question that how and why the face of a person is created and how it can be changed in a desired direction in a best possible way. That is what I call “Beauty without Makeup”.          


I was born in a Brahmin family in a holy town of Vrindavan in north India. I have learned Vedic astrology and palm reading with my father and few other masters. This tradition of the ancient knowledge is coming in my family from more than seven generations. So, the mature knowledge has been transferred to me with the traditional legacy of a Brahmin family.       


I combine all these tools of face reading, palm reading and Vedic astrology to know the person precisely so that I can understand them properly and give them right track and proper direction of their life and being as per their evolution and true possibilities, so that they can perform the best in their lives and can achieve their true beauty.           

In my experience of face reading and the development and creation of the face I have also written a book “Beauty without Makeup” that will be available soon.       

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