Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup

How it works


1. As a result of study and observation of more than a million people through the science known as “Face Reading”, I present a series of reflections, exercises and tools to achieve true and definitive beauty. You have in your hands an opportunity: an invitation to create your own beauty in a natural way, as a result of an emotional and mental process that will be totally reflected at the physical level; on your face and body. I will also provide you insight about the personal circumstances and tendencies, which for one or another reason dispossess you from your natural beauty.
Suggestions of “Beauty without Makeup” is without corners and nooks; it goes directly to your emotions and attitude. After following it you will see that you have no excuses to stop believing in yourself and only in the right path of life: This is the only tool to achieve the true beauty that humankind possesses.

2. In general, 25% of beauty depends on your good food, another 25% depends on your physical work out and the rest of the 50% depends on your mind, attitude and actions. I will help you to discover about all of that so that you can transmit and enjoy your maximum beauty.     

3. The human body, including the face, has the characteristic of latex: it can be moulded according to your current emotions, feelings, right food and exercise. You can play with it and give it any shape and form. But, if you know how? I will reveal and explain all the secrets to get it. Simply follow them and get the desired results in the form of your beauty. 

4. Creating a good body and a beautiful face is an art, where your body is the raw material, you are the artist and your intelligence is the tool. The more intuitive and intelligent you are, the better tools you will have to mould a good body and a wonderful face. In our session I provide the ideas to offer you better tools and an intuitive mind so that you can create a beautiful face and attractive body.   

Creation of face and beauty:

5. Your face is the final product of all your emotions, achievements, defeats, fears, happiness and all the temporary and permanent memories, tendencies and sentiments.  

The face is like a blank screen in which all the intellectual and foolish activity are being recorded and registered, and they also have effect on the physical body. But the face is without a doubt the most delicate part of the body, where all the vital scenes are accumulated over, more than any other part of the body that finally makes you unattractive or beautiful.  So, following the suggestions of “Beauty without Makeup” you will not only be able to change your emotions but can also change its final product that is your face.

Time is the only outer element that is needed to follow the instruction of Beauty without Makeup: 

6. The only external element you need once you begin to follow the instructions of beauty without makeup is time; all other factors are within you. To follow this “Project of Beauty” you need the desire to be beautiful, to have the patience to get there, intelligence and knowledge (awareness) about yourself. Time is available to all of us in equal quantity, anyone who can use it with intensity and intelligence will have a great opportunity, guarantee and tool to achieve his or her beauty.

How Beauty without Makeup works:

7. All my recommendations are to redirect and eliminate confusion about yourself and about others. Only this way you will become independent. Independence means honesty and strength, and the result of these qualities will make you interesting and seductive. Follow your personality and beauty will follow you.  

Each face has endless possibilities:

8. Each face has endless possibilities; pick the one you like, following my suggestions in the right direction.   

Who can follow the instructions of Beauty without Makeup?

9. The one who has intelligence, inner strength and good emotions, can create a good and attractive body and beautiful face. But only with the help of emotions it is not possible.

10. Man can achieve whatever they aim to do, they have even reached to the moon, but they still do not know how to change the expression and the beauty of their face. Here we show this secret to serve humanity to be beautiful forever.