Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup

Guideline for Beauty without makeup


  1. Important for Astrology and Beauty Without Makeup session that person should come in normal dress and without any kind of makeup so that I can see them in their natural form to understand and help them better. They should also bring their date, time and place of the birth.

  2. In our session we will talk about the issues that affects you and your beauty. Simply correct them and it will make you beautiful.

  3. Everybody has different path to be beautiful. I can help you to discover yours

  4. Sometimes I may mention your negative traits that affects your beauty; like having too much drugs or alcohol, being too tight, lying too much, too much gossip or keeping anger and jealous etc. Please don’t be discouraged if you hear something you don’t like – think about what has been said as it’s my job to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to. So be open for that and don’t take it personally. Show courage to accept and correct them and be beautiful.

  5. To be beautiful is a commitment that can be accomplished by anyone and anywhere and at any time. Exterior conditions are not applicable to be beautiful but only your inner strength and honesty for yourself.

  6. Beauty without makeup is a discipline with yourself and your attitude as per mentioned in our session. You should follow my all advice mentioned on physical, emotional, personal levels. Then it will certainly give you natural beauty without any outer remedies

  7. For definitive change it may take up to 3 years depending on the person, inclusive much less if great discipline is shown to the self.

  8. Basically Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup.

  9. My work is to give you precise and helpful information without thinking that how long it will take. As some times it may take more or less time than expected.