Self-awareness is the key to Beauty without Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions


a. Is Beauty without Makeup only for women?

Of course not! Beauty without Makeup suggestions are for all sexes and age groups and everyone can be benefitted by it.
Somehow, we all want to be better looking regardless of our sex and age. The techniques I use are universal and are effective equally for men, women and even children and old people.  


b. How long will beauty without makeup take to work?   

In my experience and observation, it may take up to one year to show the visible results provided one
follows the proper directions. These results will further increase as per passing years and in 3 to 5 years the changes are permanent. 
It is all about changing your energies, the better and
firmer changes you bring in your energies, the better results you will see on your face and body.       


c. Is it easy to follow the Beauty without Makeup suggestions?

Sometimes people have very difficult circumstances that they may not be able to follow 100% of my suggestions, as they may find it difficult to come out from the conditioning of their old life pattern. But important is that don’t give up and carry on, like this they will achieve the results by the time.
This time limit (3 to 5 years) is valid for any of the
 worse circumstances of life and will give you best results within this time limit. But if someone has rather easy circumstances of life, they will definitely achieve the goals much earlier than the given time limit.
Basically, coming out of your excessive mind and its conditioning and situated in the neutral position of your being is the shortcut to achieve Beauty without Makeup within this time limit. 


d. How often one should repeat the consultation and for how long?

I recommend following my suggestions seriously for at least six months and then book another appointment so that I can recheck your evolution and can update my suggestions as per your actual progress and need.        


e. What If I cannot see the results?

Most probably it is
 because you are not following my suggestions 100% and ignoring and avoiding them somehow. You must push yourself to get it. It may not be easy to follow my suggestions sometimes, but this is only way and the price to get your true beauty.


f. What else I can achieve apart from beauty?

I give personalized and personal suggestions to achieve best possible beauty within yours reach and potential. I also help to create peace and harmony in your life along with the beauty and you floats in this divine trinity of peace, harmony and beauty that is created by yourself only.